San Juan 2022

Our ancestors celebrated the summer solstice by lighting a bonfire to give more energy to the sun and make it shine brightly on summer days.  


Join us to celebrate the recent arrival of the summer through a magical night full of surprises.


Enjoy our exclusive menu, show and live music by the sea and make your wish of San Juan in a unique atmosphere!

Santa Teresa Mango Gazpacho, coconut Milk foam and scallop ceviche

Foie Gras terrine, mango and clove chutney, spiced brioche.


Confited Cod
Chilled smoked oyster emulsion and almonds, yuzu caviar
Lamb Rack
Lemon basil and casew nuts pesto, baby vegetables.

San Juan pear & passionate Kiss

(+34) 971 67 10 94

80€ drinks not included.